Contents 1995/2:

Per-Uno Ågren: Nordic Museology (s.1-4)

John Aage Gjestrum: Museology and Research - In a Norwegian Perspective ( s. 5-22)

Mette Skougaard: Folk Museums in Conflicts of National Heritage (s. 23-32)

Maria Björkroth: 'Hembygd', A Concept and its Ambiguities (s. 33-40)

Hannu Lahtonen: Esko Aaltonen - A Lifetime of Local History ( s. 41-47)

Helgi M. Sigurdsson: Museums in Iceland (s. 49-54)

Tönis Lukas: Estonian Museums in Changing Times (s. 55-60)

Su Donghai: Museums and Museum Philosophy in China (s. 61-80)

Elisabet Olofsson: Museums without Limits (s. 81-96)

Jette Sandahl: Proper Objects among other Things (s. 97-106)

Bente Wolff: Material Objects in a Cross-Cultural Perspective (s.107-122)

Eva Silvén-Garnert: Objects in the World and Objects in Museums (s. 123-130)

Hans Pedersen: The Role of the Museum: Beauty - Truth - Goodness (s. 131-146)

Albert Eide Parr: The Classic: The Natural History Museum (s. 147-154)

Marc Maure: The Exhibition as Theatre (s. 155-168)

Jan Garnert: Rethinking Visual Representation (s. 169-190)

Ole Strandgaard: Training of Museum Personnel in Denmark (s. 191-198)

Göran Nylöf: Swedish Museum Visitors (s. 199-202)

John Aage Gjestrum: A Hundred Texts on Nordic Museums in 'Museum' (s. 203-208)


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