The journal Nordic Museology has moved to where all previous issues as well as information about the journal and guidelines for authors can be found.

Tidsskriftet Nordisk Museologi har flyttet og all informasjon, retningslinjer og alle tidligere årganger finnes nå tilgjengelig her:

The Nordisk Museologi journal

Nordisk Museologi (Nordic Museology) is a forum for critical scholarly discussion of museum and heritage subjects in the Nordic countries. The twice-yearly peer-reviewed journal focuses on issues and themes currently in the spotlight in the fields of museology, art, natural and cultural heritage, with contributions from many different professions and different bodies – thus providing a broad spectrum of approaches and insights.
Nordisk Museologi receives financial support from the Nordic Board for Periodicals in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and is acknowledged by the official museums associations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The Nordisk Museologi web site

The Nordisk Museologi web site makes it easy to access and download Nordisk Museologi articles and summaries from previous issues, in digital form.
The editors also hope the site will support and encourage easier contact between colleagues in the Nordic region and all over the world, in addition to promoting the swifter, more efficient exchange of ideas and research results in the fields of museology and heritage studies.

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